Abortion: Access Denied


Kaavya S., News Editor

More than 50 years later, the ruling on abortion remains unchanged. In 1973, the Supreme Court dealt with a case known as Roe vs. Wade, which outlawed abortion. According to recent reports by several of the United’s States political polls and analysists, Americans favor shifts towards the ridding of abortion. However, the issue continues to heat up as pro-abortionists press the debate.

Senior Alyssa Case says, “I am understanding of both views, but I do not believe that you should end another person’s life, especially if your reasoning behind it is selfish. If you feel that you are at the stage in your life where you are in that situation and can create life, you should be able to take care of life as well.” The popular belief among many anti-abortionists is that even if you are not capable of taking care of child, there are other ways to handle the newborn child. For instance, placing the child under the care of an adoption organization serves as another option. Senior Halle Carter says, “I agree that it is not fair to take away someone’s life, but there are some rare cases in which it proves a necessity. However, my main concern is the mental and physical health of the person undergoing an abortion.”  The state of mind of the person undergoing the abortion is questioned by some since they believe they are facing overwhelming emotions and unable to make an insightful decision.

The opposition doesn’t view abortion as a form of murder, but instead it is a right. Senior Vishnu Mavilla says, “Why bring a human being into this world unless you are able to care of him her? You cannot bring a life into this world only for it to die later on due to a lack of parental responsibility.” The world is already suffering from overpopulation and many there are many children who are unwanted and unloved. These children face a lack of care and many of them end up gaining sicknesses or die. Others also argue that unwanted childbirth is not one’s fault. Many sexual assault victims face impregnation and birth post-assault increases trauma since it serves as a memory of one’s past. Senior Britney Hammerling says, “Rules and regulations are the solution to this issue. Abortion should be allowed for certain circumstances which have been proven such as sexual assault.”

Roe vs. Wade, many believe it is time for a change, but only time will tell how this issue will unfold.