The oceans are drowning in plastic

Aishma Raza

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Recent studies have found that, the plastic is causing the ocean in caution and dangerous. Along with that, there are animals in ocean that are more in caution and not living safely. The plastic in the ocean , is becoming unsafe for the animals. This is not just dangerous, its more critical and no one is trying to pay attention. According to one of the best estimates available, about 19 billion pounds of garbage is added in the ocean, that’s how much plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year. Now imagine, how this much garbage causes the animals to live unsafely. However, a lot of people are trying to get rid of the plastic, for the animals.

To prevent these problems from occurring , the plastic should be thrown, where it belongs to be. The plastic has many negative effects in the ocean. The negative effects causes to the animals, that are involved in the ocean. However, if there is still a lot plastic involved in the ocean and keeps on wasting, then the animals would not have a safe place to live and they would not be eligible to go where there supposed to be. Clearly, So to make the animals live safely and for the ocean to stay stabled clean, you need to throw the plastic where it belongs, so the ocean is clean and the plastic is not wasted, and most importantly, it would also be benefitted for the animals, so they can have a chance to live safely, like us, always.

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