Do We Not Care Anymore?

Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

Studies have shown that when teens are watching or are shown violent scenes or movies that their brain activity decreases becoming desensitized to the content.

In this research it was guys that grew more desensitized with those who viewed violent content being desensitized the most. Not seeing the violence as “too bad” people begin to ignore it. Recently various people have died this year such as Avicii, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, and Aretha Franklin. Some people mourned them and had a sense of sadness when they passed. Others hopped onto the web and created memes about their deaths, stating how little their worth was and poking fun at their family/friends. Have students lost their humanity?

Take LMHS for example, walking by a hall you can hear people making crude jokes about deaths, peers and using foul profanity. Some students don’t even try to stop or respect other, those that don’t care about others do as they please without caring about the consequences on the other party’s mental, physical, or emotional health. Also, School shooting have a role in this. Due to them sadly becoming a common occurrence they have numbed a part of the student body at school.

I’ve asked a staff member and a student at lake Mary high to give me their opinions on this. I’ve asked Finn Cruz and Jemiah Alston, both juniors.

Myself: Have teens become more desensitized?

Jemiah: Yes, for sure, people nowadays joke about suicide, murder, drugs, anything at all really.

Finn: Absolutely, people have lost their humanity in a way and sympathy for others.


Myself: Has the environment of today contribute that? (Fights, School Shootings, Violent Video Games, etc) Why or Why not?

Jemiah: No, video games were pretty violent before this generation and its up to the consumer on what type of game they want to play, so its your own choice.

Finn: Yes it has, because in the past year theres been an increase of shootings and violence which numbs people because it happens more often. People don’t pay attention as much.


Myself: Finally, have you become desensitized yourself?

Jemiah: I’ve been exposed to the remarks and jokes people make but I try my best to not get involved. I try not to joke around and take these matters seriously.

Finn: I haven’t succumbed to being desensitized but I see it around me everyday. I take matters like suicide and hurting others seriously and don’t see it as a joke.

There you go folks  its no secret that our society is changing but is it changing for the better? People are growing thicker skin and not letting things provoke them easily and have grown to not care.