Is All This Security Really Necessary


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

Its no doubt that schools are the most likely to focus on security and restrictions. Ever since the Parkland shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School schools have increased security and taken more precautions. Some schools have metal detectors, extra fencing and require ID cards to be worn at all times in school. The smallest thing can trigger the staff, students and parents making them constantly paranoid. So is all this security extra or is it a requirement?

Some students believe the precautions and extra security is making them safer, while others see it as a waste of school funds. I’ve interviewed some of the students at Lake Mary High School to see what their views are on security and if its beneficial or a waste of energy and resources.


I wanted to know the opinion of the rams at LMHS. So I have with me Sebastian Restrepo and Gio Centeno with me to answer some questions and share their thoughts. Now  we’ll hear Sebastian’s and Gio’s thoughts on it.

Question: “So what do you think of all the addition to the security since Parkland? Is this security helpful?”

Sebastian: “All this security for school is protecting us and preventing bad people like school shooters gaining access inside.”

Gio: “This security is helpful but in only certain situations”

Myself:” What do you mean by that Gio?”

Gio: “ I believe that we should have more security focused on the exits and entrances of the school so we know who’s coming in and who’s leaving instead of having them in the halls.

Question #2: “Are schools making a smart move by adding all these restrictions?”

Sebastian:  “ Yes, schools are making a good call doing this”

Gio: “Yes, Schools are making a wise choice.”

Question #3: “Would you feel safer if Lake Mary implemented some of the security           methods other schools use?”

Sebastian: “Yes if they added more cops it’d be very beneficial to us and everyone else in school”

Gio: “ Yeah, I would feel safer if they implemented some of this security but not all of it, not everything’s necessary. You don’t need to go overboard.”



These two rams have given their opinions on the security situations. One believes that it’s all beneficial and helpful. While one believes it is helpful but in only certain scenarios where it’s necessary. What is your option on this matter? Where do you you stand?