Are AirPods Worth It?

Jarrod W., Staff

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One hundred and sixty dollars is very expensive compared to thirty for regular wired earbuds. Apple’s AirPods have many positives but some negatives as well, so are they worth it? One of the best qualities of AirPods is the bluetooth which allows anyone to continue to listen to music even when away from their audio source. Another great feature is because of the range of the bluetooth connection they can be shared between friends across the room. Many complain that they have to be chargedbut they can last around five hours before they need to be charged. According to freshman Sebastian Ulibarri, “I would like AirPods because every time I want to listen to music I have to untangle the wires of my wired earbuds” Although there are many positives for this new technology, there are some downsides. The most common complaint is the price as they are over a hundred dollars more than normal wired earbuds. There are many opinions of whether they are worth the cost or if it is better to get the cheaper original ones. Another common negative is that they are easily misplaced. Freshman Elizabeth Mellilo states, “AirPods are not worth their expensive price because I would lose them right after I got them.” Former AirPod user Brayden Rovito when asked his thoughts of the product answered “I bought them because I listen to music a lot and I really liked the bluetooth feature of them. They were great until one of them fell out of my ear and stopped working. Since they are so expensive I was unable to buy new ones and now I use wired earbuds again.” These opinions show that this new trend has some flaws but is still a popular product.  

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