Do Students Really Need Homework?

Marcel Baez, Editor in Chief

One thing that many high schoolers struggle with is homework. And students don’t struggle with the criteria of it, they struggle with the time and will to do it. Homework is essential in making the knowledge learned at school actually stay in our minds. Even though important, homework places a lot of stress on students, and results in much less time to participate in hobbies and social events. With homework piling up will our lives be consumed with paper, mechanical pencils, and 1,000 paged essays due the every day?

When setting homework, there does not seem to be much of a focus on the mental health of students. Teachers just rather focus on the “get it done, move on method”, which is quite a herendous theory I might add. To be completely honest students may potentially be better off without homework in terms of their physical and emotional health. Students shouldn’t have to stress out about about homework, when they have test, projects, quizzes every friggin day around the corner.

What teachers don’t understand is that the more homework they give students, means the more fact that students do want to do it. If you give a kid 30 pages to read and 15 questions each to do, do you really think they’re gonna have the power to even do so…. I mean c’mon let’s be real.

Hopefully teachers will realize how crazy it is to assign an unnecessary abundance of homework each night when they dang right know that students aren’t gonna do it.