Is Football the best sport at Lake Mary High School?


Chrisian G., Staff

Lake Mary has a lot of sports, but they don’t get equal attention. Football is good, but why should it get all the hype, and funding. The football games are always full, the soccer games are almost equally as full. But not very many people go to a water polo game or a tennis game when they put the same amount of dedication and training? We should give the other teams that don’t get as much recognition some support so they can get some recognition.

Ryann Kitchener and Tamara Cruz, said “Swim is the 1st semester and we practice right after school for 2 hours and every other Saturday at the Y. While we’re at practice we will do drills, we swim laps so we can try and lower our time for swim meets. Also every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we go before school to the weight room and lift weights. Water Polo is the 2nd semester and we practice later at night for 2 hours and also every other saturday. We basically do everything swim did but we also do scrimmage and we practice shooting in the water. Both swim and water polo meets and tournaments are throughout the week while we are still practicing.”


The Lake Mary High School Golf team is another underrated sport. I went and asked Darby Nuxol, one of the golfers at Lake Mary High what does she do in her practices and when are her tournaments. She responded, “I practice everyday with my teammates and we try and go play and get experience on the golf course, and My tournaments are usually on the the weekends.” As you can see the golfers work really hard and they don’t have as much recognition as other sports still.


I went and asked Pedro Rodriguez when does he practice for football and what does he do in his practices and he says “Every day we have meetings before 2:30-2:45 then we have actual practice from 3-5:30 every day. During the practices we do warm ups, walkthroughs, offense/defense, individuals, special team walkthrough, scrimmage (run only), scrimmage (pass only), full team scrimmage and conditioning.”


As you can see many different sports work very differently but they all work super hard just in different ways.