Greed Is Taking Over

Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

Isn’t it funny how we only get one day to be thankful and right after we’re spending money left and right? Everyone is greedy. Black Friday is the day for greedy people, but the ironic thing is that it is right after the day people should be thankful for the things they already have. Right after thanksgiving people go Black Friday shopping and now there’s cyber Monday where people spend a lot of money online. To add to all that shopping, people go into Christmas shopping mode and even people who do not celebrate Christmas start shopping a lot due to the pressure of others.  

In our day and age people have become very greedy. People see the expensive price of items and buy them just because they are more expensive. Recently Payless came up with a prank, they made their low-priced shoes seem elegant and luxurious, then called social media influencers to buy the products, and they did out of greed.  

I went around asking people a few questions about greed. 


1) Do you think Black Friday contradicts Thanksgiving?  

Junior Emily Toschlog- “Not really because thanksgiving is where you’re thankful for your family and friends and then Black Friday is a day there are discounts so you can buy gifts for those people you love.” 

Junior Natalia Ostos- “Yes because we live in a capitalist society so people love Black Friday. Most people dread thanksgiving.” 


2) Do you believe people are greedy? 

Junior Samantha Cruz-Ricci believes, “Yeah because it is human nature, they just want stuff for themselves.” 

Junior Samira St. Clair – “Yeah because especially the generation we are in now, people will do anything they want to get the new stuff, during this Christmas time as well.” 


What do you think people are interested in, brand or quality? 

Freshman Erica Garcia said, “Brand because everyone has nice things so it makes other people follow in their footsteps and just look at the brand and not the quality.” 

Junior Nick Buchberg- “Brand because everyone at school wears it and they think it’s good quality since it’s bought by many.”