Acai bowls. Are they really worth it?


christian gomez, Staff

Ever seen those weird bowls full of fruit and that smoothie type stuff all over social media and wondered what is that?

Well those are acai bowls and you can typically buy them at a juice bar. The purple color stuff is made from frozen and smashed acai palm fruit. Then it gets turned into a smoothie texture that you put it in a bowl or a cup. After you put the acai in the bowl you would top it off with your favorite fruit and granola.

The real issue about acai bowls is why they are so expensive. An average acai bowl is 10 dollars. Then you can get the same stuff in a smoothie for about 5 dollars. So the question is what type of acai bowl do they get and from where? Then I asked if they think it’s worth the price and why would they think people spend about 10 dollars on an acai bowl when they  can get a smoothie for the same amount.

The first person I asked was Freshman Ashlyn McGraw said, “I order the Lake Mary Bowl from Roots juice bar, the reason I get the Lake Mary Bowl is because It has everything I like and overall it looks really pretty. I dont think its worth 10 dollars because it’s just simple fruits that you can get anywhere from a store and put it together, but the reason I buy them is so I  don’t have to go through that process of buying the ingredients and making them, and overall they look way better when I buy them.”  I asked Sydney Zulywitz the same questions and she said “I order the Lake Mary Bowl from Roots juice bar because it has all the fruits I like and it’s very sweet and im getting all the nutrients i need. I personally do think it’s worth it because your paying for what you get. Im paying a 10 dollar acai bowl and im getting back a 10 dollar acai bowl if that makes sense. It’s very organic and super healthy and theres so many benefits to your health.”