Necessary Gun Precautions in Schools


Jarrod W., Staff

There is nothing stopping a student or anyone bringing a gun into a school, no backpack checks, no metal detectors, no nothing. The only thing to stop this is a sign saying no guns or weapons on campus, that’s not enough. 

In schools nation-wide there has been over 1,300 shootings that resulted in the lives of many students that could’ve been saved. In places like Sandy hook and Douglas Stoneman high school devastating tragedies have occurred affecting not only the students that attend the school but the community around them. Every time another shooting occurs it leaves students going to other schools scared wondering if their school is next. Adam King says “I go to Lake Brantley and with every new shooting it makes me think that there’s a chance it could be my school next.” In order to calm all students that have these worries that everyday could be their last is to add more protection and security in school. There needs to be metal detectors at every entrance with security surrounding every school. Although it may be expensive, a few hundred dollars is better than a few hundred lives. 

Along with school shootings, student suicides bring up another cause for concern. Every day there are over 3,000 attempted suicides by high school students nation-wide. The fact that thousands of students try to give up their own life every day shows how schools are not doing enough to help students. Schools need to provide depression counselors that are available at school every day, all day to prevent the incident before it even happens. Freshman Matthew Moore states “I go to Lake Mary where there has been a recent suicide that has affected the entire school and community around it.” At Douglas Stoneman high school an eighteen year old girl killed herself because of grief after her best friend was killed in the school shooting that happened months earlier. Something needs to be done to prevent and help these kids from doing something that affects the entire country.