Advice to Freshmen

Advice to Freshmen

Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Some walk into high school expecting either a rollercoaster ride of stress or a chance to party everyday. As a senior, I want to give these freshies some advice. 

1.Don’t jeopardize your GPA freshman year and believe you can fix it the next years.  

So many juniors complain that they have an awful GPA because they were too busy partying freshman year. It’s hard to improve your GPA. Having a bad GPA can mess up one’s chances in going to a well-known college.  

2. The friends you make freshman year most likely won’t be your friends senior year. 

The person you are freshman year changes to what you become senior year because we mature in 3 years, and that includes who you want to associate with. Unless you’re a part of the same extracurricular activity for 4 years, you should expect your friends to change every year.  

Senior Samantha Cruz-Ricci, “People fake! They can switch up anytime and when you come to high school, you’re very naïve. You’re trying to discover yourself and who you want in your life.” 

3. Don’t stress yourself out too much.  

Stressing yourself out is not the way to succeed in high school. You don’t need to study for 8 hours just for one test, chill. After studying for an hour and you know the information, stop and take a break for a while and then look at later for another 15-30 minutes, but don’t over study and waste your time. Have confidence in yourself. 

4. Do not date. 

Dating in high school is overall dumb. What you want now, you won’t want 10 years from now. Teenagers don’t even understand their own emotions, why are they investing their emotions in a relationship that won’t even last that long and will leave a really bad impact on their brain chemistry. Our brains aren’t developed yet, the little strong relations we involve ourselves in now destroy our future relationships because we will inevitable compare our current relationships to our past relationships.  

5. Be yourself. 

Don’t follow the norms if you don’t want to.  Be yourself. Following trends is fun, but changing your whole identity is not worth it. You are great being yourself, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t follow trends that make you act weird and make you feel uncomfortable.