Exploring Another Religion

Exploring Another Religion

Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

Mrs. Dershimer, the AP Art History teacher at Lake Mary High School, took her AP Art History class to the mosque in Sanford, last Tuesday, Nov 6. A mosque is a religious building where Muslims go to pray and worship. She has been taking her class for the past two years. Mrs. Dershimer was able to answer a few questions.

Q: Why did you decide to go to the mosque?

A: “Because we just finished Islamic Architecture and wanted to experience it for real. Have the students see the calligraphy, art, structure, and the act of worshipping.”

Q: What was one thing from the visit the students found most interesting?

A: “The shrines were found interesting, and the classrooms especially because they did not expect to see the classrooms. They believed the artwork was beautiful.”

Q: How do you think the visit bridges the gap between different religions and cultures?

A: “The appreciation, they were mesmerized because they could learn about the different religion and understand it. The Iman explained things about the mosque and they were interested and appreciated it.”

Q: Do you take your students to other religious places?

A: “I took the students to the Greek Orthodox Church right after and learned about the icon from an actual Greek iconographer. The students, on their own, have the opportunity to visit the Hindu temple for the Diwali festival.”

Q: Are you going to take your students every year?

A: “I will definitely try to take my students every year because it is a valuable experience and it enriches their understanding of the Muslim and Christian cultures.”

Q: What are some of the students’ questions when you visit? (I answered the questions with past knowledge)

“Where is the Qibla wall?”

-It is in Makkah (Mecca) and Muslims face towards to pray.

“Why are some walls covered in black around the mosque?”

-They are covered in black cloth because right now are the two months of mourning and commemorating the deaths’ of our Imams’ and Prophet according to our Islamic calendar.

“What are the clay stones used for?”

-When Muslims pray and go down into Sajdah, they put their head on the clay stones (Turbahs)

“Where the structures from?”

-The chandelier, carpet, gold, tiles are from all over like Italy, Dubai, and places in the Middle East.ZA