Hoco proposals: Overrated? I think so.


Shelby Morgan, Editor

In my opinion, homecoming proposals are a waste of time and highly overrated. You might think that I’m biased because I have never had a boyfriend and will probably be alone forever. But no, I am just right and there’s nothing you can do about it. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. Although sometimes the cheesy puns are a little much. Like “Will you pataGOnia to hoco with me?” I mean come on Chad, that’s really the best you’ve got? These days it almost seems as if a guy doesn’t make a cute enough poster or think of a clever enough proposal than they aren’t a good enough date, which is totally untrue. I mean most often the only reason the girls want the boy to make a big proposal is so that they can post it on their social media and show off to everyone how great and original their date is, which, let’s be honest, they’ve usually just looked up ideas on pinterest or had their mom make it for them. And then there’s all this pressure to create this whole ordeal to ask the girl, but what if she says no? Not only is that upsetting and heartbreaking for the guy, but it’s also awkward for the girl. Like does she still accept the poster and the flowers? Or does the guy just take it home and have it as a constant reminder of the time his heart was crushed? I’m just saying, the repercussions would be a little less if they guy just asked without all the extra stuff. Also, if these are the standards now, I can’t imagine what the expectations will be a generation or two from now. Future teens are going to have to choreograph a whole musical number with professional background dancers, but if they don’t choose the right song then the whole thing was a waste. Another issue with these proposals is that all these girls think they guy is doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, but in most cases, they’re just doing it because they’re afraid if they don’t make a big scene their girl won’t say yes or be embarrassed by their lack of effort. I mean, what guy actually enjoys designing a whole arts and crafts project? All in all, homecoming proposals are just another standard society has set on teenagers that they are expected to fulfill for no apparent reason.