Democrats Will Lead to the Demise of our Government

Simone, Dollar

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Out with the old and in with the new, maybe not. Maybe we should keep our current president for another four years. In just four, short, years President Donald Trump has done so much for our country, and he goes so underappreciated. No president has ever faced the kind of backlash and prejudice that President Trump has faced. With November of 2020 coming sooner than I would like, it’s time to acknowledge the unfortunate possibility of a new, dare I say, democratic president. This might bring in some new, very serious, issues to our government.  

The front runners are quite concerning. Between Joe Biden and De Blasio, I don’t even know which is worse. At this point we are dealing with which is the worst between two evils. Another concerning front runner is the one, and the only, Bernie Sanders. Now it comes down to, not when, nut how, we want to die out, as a country.  

Quotes from the most recent democratic debate consist of controversial topics like, having severe government control. A suggestion from Biden is to have government offcials playing “records” for kids before they go to sleep. Which at the end of the day would completely eliminate the classic American family and in turn would make America similar to a eutopia, like the government featured in Lois Lowry’s “The Giver”.  The amount of people that want to make this man president really concern me and should concern the rest of the country as well. Socialism is cancer and will not solve anything for our country and put us into more debt. Next November, be considerate, and make the correct choice.  

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