Paper Straws? How to Really Save the Turtles


Evanna ndavu, Staffer

Your straws won’t save the planet. Metal straws may seem like a trendy way to save the turtles, but the fact is, this isn’t enough. Many celebrities and influencers use metal straws and even manufacture them under their brand. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many teens and adults have been allured to get one for themselves. A fellow student, Claudia Williams says, “I saw so many YouTubers using metal straws and I thought why not. And I think turtles are really cute.” Though you may feel good about yourself, we need to do more If we want an improvement in the environment. More than eight million tons of plastic goes into the ocean every year. So if you want to stop killing marine animals and ecosystems, you should stop using plastic altogether. I know this isn’t a simple task but little things can help. Invest in a reusable bag, make your lunch in a reusable box, and most importantly, if you’re still using plastic, make sure you recycle it! If you still want a straw, bamboo straws are a great option and are also biodegradable, or you can simply drink from the cup.