Don’t Drink the AP Kool Aid


Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

Colleges like AP classes, but that doesn’t mean you need to take all of them. It’s seem to be a trend to max out the APs, but what good is it if you don’t pass the AP exams or the class? You end up harming your GPA and that doesn’t impress colleges.  You also stress your life.

“Don’t burden yourself with all these hard classes,” said senior Samantha Cruz-Ricci. High school is already stressful and considered a burden by many people so why make it worse? People retake some of the classes anyways so why take all these APs and waste your time and energy. “Dual enrollment is another great option and will get you out of school for some fresh air.” 

I understand taking a lot of AP classes when you’re interested in the subjects, but why take them when you have no interest in what you’re learning? Also, people are trying to be in the Top 20 in their class, but quite a few end up dropping because they get Bs and Cs in the AP classes.  In my opinion, many of these classes are just exercises in memorization and taking standardized tests. Where is the learning?  

However, some students find that it’s worth it to overdo the APs. Junior Molly Clemens, who’s taking 6 APs, said “AP workload isn’t much more work than my gifted and honors classes so it’s worth it to get college credit. I like being challenged or else I get bored.” While some students enjoy challenging themselves and still maintain a decent GPA, it probably really helps if the classes are enjoyable.