Let’s Talk About VSCO Girls


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

Vsco girls are attacking society with their new aesthetic “vsco.” It’s confusing, but the people are funny sometimes. I asked some fellow classmates their opinion of Vsco girls and the overall aesthetic. 

What do you think of Vsco Girls?

 Rahyd: “Vsco girls are funny but when there’s too much vsco power it’s annoying. I like mimicking them and making jokes about the phrases they say, “and I oop-”and “sksksksks”.”

Zainab: “They look nice but when they act the part it’s annoying.”

Anonymous: “They are always too happy. I wonder about their emotional stability. It’s it an act or are they emotionally botoxed?”

Hydro flasks

What’s so special about a 40-dollar cup if all you’re going to do is stick a bunch of stickers to be “aesthetically pleasing” and not use it properly.

Zainab: “You don’t need to spend 40 dollars in something to hold your water, if you want cold put it in the freezer or add ice to your cup.”

Rahyd: “They’re overrated and expensive, they’re so big and bulky, the hydro flasks aren’t really necessary.”

Anonymous: “They look like they are carrying around an organ donation cylinder. It’s huge and oddly shaped.”

Metal straws

Why do vsco girls have metal straws? It’s nice to have a generation try and make a difference in the environment they’re trying to “save the turtles” they shouldn’t have metal straws if they’re really trying to help the environment. The foldable metal straws are man-made and they’re not good for the environment. The fumes produced from the factors still leaves a carbon footprint. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save the turtles use bamboo straws. Bamboo straws are bio-degradable and come from earth herself.

Rahyd: “If Vsco girls like Starbucks why is it that when they order a drink, the cups made of plastic, when they take out the straw and “replace it” with metal straws they’re contradicting themselves because they’re still using a plastic product.”

Zainab: “They’re not needed.”

Anonymous: “Is it a weapon for when they get angry?  Maybe not enough peppermint in their white chocolate peppermint pumpkin frappacinos?”


If you have money to spend on 153 scrunchies sis, then you can use the money to donate to the turtles or to help the rainforests that are burning or the Bahamas.

Rahyd: “Scrunchies are to be taken or given away by boys, it’s a good trend because I think scrunchies are nice. Having a couple is fine but having too many is weird.”

Zainab: “You don’t need more than one scrunchie on your wrist, more is just unnecessary.”

Anonymous: “I think they are made out of recycled rain forest and manufactured by child slave labor in some remote part of the world. Vscos are too wasteful. ”

Out of Dress Code

What’s the point of wearing an over-sized t shirt and shorts underneath if it looks inappropriate and that you’re not wearing anything at all? Just wear a dress. Although I have to admit some of the style combos are very cute and complementary.

Rahyd: “They need pants or something. At least tie the shirt up and wear pants. It’s unfair to a lot of other people because the general population of vsco girls is white, also they’re not as curvy as other girls so they’re more likely not to get dress coded by school staff.”

Zainab: “Don’t wear an oversized t-shirt and wear short shorts underneath, it looks weird, it’s not fair that they don’t get dress coded as much.”

Anonymous: “I dig the casual vibe with the t-shirt and Ugly Shoe/Birkenstock thing, but it’s inconsistent with the excessive accessories:  hydro flask, scrunchies, Fjallraven backpacks, Burt’s Bees lip balm, etc.”

Overall Aesthetic

The overall aesthetic of Vsco is intriguing and at times cute. But most of the time it’s weird and extra, and many of the accessories aren’t necessary.

Rahyd: “Its weird depending on how they act, if they’re disrespectful and mean then they’re the worst type of vsco girl.”

Zainab: “They look pretty, but like, with the simple vsco aesthetic not one with multiple scrunchies, loud unnecessary comments.”

Anonymous: “they quote a lot of old memes taken from black and LGBTQ culture which feels like they are trying too hard. It’s also kinda a mish-mash of eco-consciousness, social media posturing and conspicuous consumption. Confusing…., but everyone vsco that I know in school and outside seems really nice.”