Borrow It or Buy a Ticket


Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

Many books are turned into movies. But should people do first read the book or watch the movie? Watching the movie helps high school students because they read novels in their English classes. Nowadays people prefer to watch the movie because it’s easier and efficient. A benefit of reading the book is that you can get the small details and full background of the story, for example Harry Potter. Pros of watching the movie, it doesn’t take too long and easier to follow along, for example The Rampage took a survey of random Rams with the question: “What would you do first, read the book or watch the movie?” 

Junior Emily Toschlog: “I would read the book first because if it is a genre that I’m interested in then I wouldn’t mind reading the book.” 

Junior Samira St. Clair: “I would read the book first because it changes the perspective of the book and would include all the details.” 

Junior Lily Harper: “I would definitely read the book first because if I’m interested in the book then I wouldn’t waste my time and voluntarily watch a movie” 

Junior Nick Buchberg: “I would read the book first because it includes the interesting details that the movies can’t depict.” 

Many Rams agree that movies don’t have the same effects as the books. Books allow the reader to imagine while the story is unfolding. Sometimes people never know that there is a book behind the amazing movie they watched. They learn that a book is the reason behind the greatness once the movie credits roll at the end. And then it is fun to grab the book and dive into the same character’s background you just fell in love with after watching them for two hours. 

While reading the books, some people like to hear the voices of the characters in their head and act out the dramatic conversations correctly. However, if the book is complicated, then watching the movie could help them figure out the voices and how to nail the dramatic conversations. In addition, you can’t be mad at the movie for not living up to the book if you don’t read the book first. 

Help your wallet by reading the book and then decide if you want to experience the story a second time or not. Movies don’t have enough time to cram the whole book in. Some vivid scenes are cut out because they would take too much time. If you’ve read the book a long time ago and it was very close to your heart, then watching the movie would be like reliving old memories.