How Cat-Calling Affects Women


Rhayne James, Staffer

Cat-calling is used as a way for men to attempt to grab a woman’s attention. By the use of hoots, whistles, and even obscene language, men have used this method time and time again. Does it work, though? Do women find it flattering to be called like a dog? What about young girls? Do we find it exciting to be beckoned by boys and older men alike? The answer to all those questions is and always will be no. Being cat-called is a terrifying and sometimes traumatic experience.

If being cat-called is such a terrible thing, then why do men continue to do it? It all relates to their feelings of entitlement. Men believe that yelling out to women is a way of complimenting them and receiving their attention. They believe that women are lying when they say they don’t like cat-calling. They believe that nothing they do is wrong. Obviously, these beliefs aren’t well-founded, considering that they’re incredibly wrong. Instead of listening to their own reasonings, men should listen to what women have to say and strive to respect those concerns. Whether their intentions are good or not, cat-calling is never something fun or flattering to go through. In fact, cat-calling could encourage someone to not want to go out.


For some women, cat-calling is something they can experience from an age as young as 10 years old.