Should LMHS Serve KFC?

Should LMHS Serve KFC?

Adebayo o., writer

Should school serve KFC?

Our school cafeteria needs to start serving KFC.  Yes, we know that the billboards around the ref room proclaim that the school uses ‘real chicken’, but chicken can still be ‘real’ and not taste very good. KFC is better.  The Rampage did an in-depth investigation and her are the results.

Can we get KFC?

Heck yeah we can get KFC? We used to serve Pizza Hut years ago according to educational support teacher, Janice Knowles. If the Hut can get in, so can the Colonel.

What do the students think?

I asked 10 students, 8 said yes and 2 said no. Then I interviewed 4 other people and this is what they said

Kevin said, “KFC is cool and I think it should be in the school cafeteria it would add more vareity than fake chicken.”

Charlotte said, “KFC is greasy and nasty we should get chick fil a’ its way better.”

Josh said, “Hmm I’m hungry for KFC right now so yeah I think we should have KFC”

Devin said, “KFC is right but Id rather have Chick Fil A

What do the teachers think?

Mrs.Lowe said,  “we should not have KFC because the school doesn’t have the money and its not healthy.”

Mr.Crisp, said “it would be cool if we had it KFC but food trucks would be cooler.”

What does our administration think?

Dr. Reynolds says that “it would be cool but it would also be against school food safety regulations so instead we should have something else like food trucks.”

So afterall…

KFC may not be possible because of how much money it cost, but I don’t care. I still believe we can get KFC, we just need more money and start petitions and get everyone on this train. WE NEED KFC IN THIS SCHOOL.