Trisha Paytas: An Inspiration For Many


Marcel Baez, Alumni writer

Many may wonder who is the most inspirational, active, and most unique when it comes to great leaders. Some may say Obama. Or others might say Albert Einstein. But there is only one person and one answer to this universal question. That answer is Trisha Paytas.

If you may not know Trisha Paytas, she is a famous You-tuber who post videos on the internet. She’s not just a beauty blogger, or food critic, or a react channel, or a channel who posts about her daily lives, she’s all of the above. Trisha Paytas is a revolutionary woman who can do anything; and I mean anything. She can rap, sing, dance, give advice, and even show you how to eat 10,000 calories in one sitting.

One thing that Trisha Paytas is known for is having her daily eating shows, also known as mukbangs. She has variety of mukbang specials, whether it’s from eating a haul of 7-eleven gas station food, or ordering the whole menu from Dominoes. But none of them would be complete without her 1 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and box donuts just for dessert. “I think that it’s great how informative Trisha is being when eating and testing out all of these foods.” said junior Elizabeth Larson. It’s so riveting how Trisha Paytas can inspire all who watch her videos to eat what you want when you want, even if it might give you a stomach ache or cause heart burn.

An amazing ability that Ms.Paytas can do is open herself like a book, and serve her life on a silver platter ready to be served. She shares how one day she may be happy just from finding a double chip in a bag of Doritos, or how she may have a day when she finds out her boyfriend that she has been dating for over a year and got married too, is gay. Some days you may even get a video to where she feels like and I quote: “A McDonald’s chicken nugget.” Junior Alyssa Case said: “I think Trisha Paytas is hilarious especially when she “tries to give advice”, it’s comedic gold!”  One thing for sure is that with Trisha’s ability to share her life with millions people, it inspires them all too always be honest and proud of yourself no matter how many overwhelming flaws you may have.

Up Paytas’s sleeve is also a music career and a wide dance repertoire. Trisha Paytas has a total number of 7 EP’s and multiple dance videos on her You-tube channel. If you’re in a good mood listen to her song “Freaky”, or if you’re in a sad mood you can listen to “Daddy Issues”. Heck if you’re in a Christmas mood then listen to her song “Merry Trishmas”! If you’re ever interested in learning how to dance like a pro or like a complete fool, then go take a look at her dance videos to where she does original/professional choreography. Some videos you may see her dance to are “Anaconda”, “Womanizer” or to her dancing to “Teenage Dream” with her ex-husband who she supposedly turned gay and left her.  After watching these videos you may want to blind yourself or leave like in the subscription box below.

With the world needing strong leaders to pave the way for our civilization in times of need, crisis, and distress, there is only one person we can turn to; and that person, is Trisha Paytas. Trisha Paytas will help, eat, sing, dance, rap, and cry her way into the lives of many all over the world, and leave her mark as one of the most profound leaders that has ever walked this planet.