Tik Tok Interview: Football Players Eddie & Aiden

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Tik Tok Interview: Football Players Eddie & Aiden

Shelby Morgan and Simone Dollar, Staff

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In the past week, Simone and I took time out of our busy lives to interview Varsity football player Eddie and JV football player Aiden (both are juniors). We asked them some quick questions and here are some of the answers they gave us:

On winning vs. losing:

Aiden: “We feel more like a team when we win.”

Eddie: “Yeah. It feels a lot better when we win.”

On balancing school with sports:

Aiden: “If I focus in class, I don’t really have to focus as much outside of school.”

Eddie: “There’s still a lot of time after school, even after football.”

Why they decided to play football:

Aiden: “If I didn’t have football, I wouldn’t have anything else to do.”

Eddie: “It’s fun.”