Top 5 Netflix shows


Olivia Boni, Staff

“Top 5 Netflix shows” 


      If you’re wondering what to watch next on Netflix, here are the top 5 best rated shows according to the LMHS student body 

      The number one show is The Office with 10/35 votes. The students that voted for The Office all said they love it because it’s funny and each episode is its own storyI think the office is the best show on Netflix because it’s funny and each episode is its own story” says Sofia Treffeletti. 

      The second-best show on Netflix is Vampire Diaries with 9/35 votes and the students commented that Vampire Diaries have many plot twists and they love the relationships. “Vampire diaries is hands down the best show on Netflix because the relationships were amazing and something new was always happening. It made you feel so many different emotions like sad and then exited and then happy. I loved it so much.” says Maya Gonzalez.  

      The third best Netflix show is Friends with 7/35 votesStudent who voted for friends said because it’s funny, when they are feeling down it always cheers them up. My favorite show is Friends because teaches you about lessons in life and you can connect with the characters.” says Nicole Jaramillo 

The fourth best show on Netflix is Greys Anatomy with 5/35 votes. People who voted for Greys said they love it because it’s very intense and they have a lot of different people in the show. Greys Anatomy was really good because there was so many plot twists such as when George got run over by a bus and they didn’t know it was him until surgery.” said Brynn Witham 

      The final favorite show on Netflix was All American with 4/35 votes and people commented that it was very inspirational, it was very exciting /intense. They loved how spencer (main character) was so passionate about football and how many lives he touched. The relationships were the best part, when I was rooting for one it would happen. This is the best show I’ve watched in a long time, I’m so happy they made it.” Lauren Liquori statedSo, that sums it up on the best Netflix shows if you are wondering what to watchcheck it out.