Virtual School Will Make You Stupid


Brynn W, staffer

Online courses when you want to, super easy cheating on tests, and getting automatic A’s seems amazing right? Virtual school makes it easy just as long as you are ok with not getting a real education, a social life, sports, or having an actual teacher to interact with. 

“I didn’t even read any lessons and got A’s because of how easy it is to cheat. There are websites that have the test questions and answers for every test,” said anonymous. “I’m not sure the people who run Florida schools know this or perhaps they are just trying to save money.” In Florida, taking classes online is possible from Kindergarten all the way to high school. However, is virtual school really school at all? 

Rampant cheating seems to be the biggest problem. You can easily pay someone to do your course for you — the going rate is $100 to $150 depending on the course. You can also pull up Google and just download answer sheets for every course if you want to save some cash. The report card might show straight A’s, but will the letter help your future? 

“I did virtual school from 6th grade to 8th grade and through that time I probably only learned half of what I should’ve learned in public school,” said an anonymous junior. Knowing that you don’t have to work hard to get good grades, kids are obviously going to avoid as much work as possible. Students going to school have to work or they end up failing and having to retake the class, and nobody wants that. Virtual school sounds like a better deal if all you care about is getting the good grades and avoiding work, but there is a price — you will have graduated but with an inferior education. In fact, Harvard University along with several other universities have had to start giving incoming freshman mandatory basic English classes because they found that the kids graduating from today’s schools are so poorly educated now. So, here’s the big question, How practical are online classes?