The One and Only B. Rock


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

It’s no secret that the football team is Lake Mary High School’s pride and joy. They’ve brought victories for Lake Mary against many schools, especially Lake Brantley our arch nemesis. We all love attending games and experiencing the electrifying energy and support our players receive from fellow rams and family. Today I have with me is Brock Johnson, he’s part of Lake Mary High School’s Varsity football team. He is #15 and currently plays as outside linebacker. I asked a few questions about football and himself.

When did you start playing football and how did you get into the sport?

“I got into the sport during 4th grade. I started playing and getting into the sport because I had anger issues and my brother had beat on me. Football has helped me release the anger and I grew to enjoy the sport very much.”

What’s your best memory of football so far & whats your favorite position to play?”

My favorite memory of playing was last year when we were playing against Lyman High School. I had blocked the punt which led us to win the game that day. In addition, I had won Defensive Player of the Week, the position I enjoy playing the most is outside linebacker.”

Do you plan on playing in college and getting scholarships?

“Yes I do playing on playing throughout college but I don’t know which college to attend at the moment, I’m still evaluating my options. I currently have 4 scholarships.”

Do you believe you can bring home a win for todays game against Apopka High School?

“I definitely believe that if we come together as a team we can defeat Apopka and bring home a win.”

What are your favorite hobbies besides football? Favorite food?

“My favorite hobbies are fishing and hunting. Also my favorite food is fillet steak.”