SATs Are Useless. Get Rid Of Them

Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

The SAT tests seems to only test our test-taking ability and how anxious we get. For some people, this is the worst nightmare ever.

People get tutors to usually help them strengthen their reading and or math skills, but for the SAT, people get tutors to help them beat the test. Tutors for the SAT cost a lot of money and not a lot of people can afford them, so now college board is lowering the scores of people who come from families who have a high income. College board believes that it’s unfair for the people who get tutoring to get higher scores because the people who aren’t as wealthy can’t afford tutoring and they have an unfair disadvantage. However, if college board claims that it’s a standardized test then they should not lower scores based on family income and they should not lower scores by curving them.

What’s even more dumb is that colleges know that the SATs are basically rigged and yet they weigh the SATs so heavily when deciding if a student should go to that school or not. There are so many other qualities in a high school graduate that colleges should pay attention to, for example their GPA, extra-curricular, volunteer, and family background. These qualities say more about a college applicant than a test that only measures how anxious you get before a test.

Senior Samantha Cruz-Ricci “SATs a very stressful and it is mentally draining.”

Senior Owen Clements “The SATs put too much pressure on high school students when they already have a lot of pressure”

Freshman Olivia Boni “The SATs don’t test the students well because they’re too stressful and a student can have all As and then they take the SATs and get a bad score.”

Overall the SAT isn’t the best choice at evaluating a student and determining their entire future and career path. But it is effective in stressing students out and making them anxious.