We Should Have Señor Lunch Every Day


Alex Nunez, Staffer

As Senior Lunch officially began on the 23rd, my question was simply: Why don’t we do this kind of stuff more often? According to various sources around school, our current rivals Lake Brantley have made it a frequent practice to allow seniors to leave campus to get their own lunch almost every day, while we are only currently relegated to Wednesdays through Rams Period and 2nd lunch. I try not to speak on others affairs, as they may run things completely different over there. Brantley could run a tighter system in regards to disciplining students if they come later than expected, however, that does not justify Lake Mary’s lack of senior lunch days. Those days are the only days we’re able to get a  decent lunch, as our current lunch is only good every once every blue moon. And while the administration is currently working on getting us our Senior IDs, that shouldn’t restrict us from leaving if we already got our forms filled out. What do you guys think? Should we have more senior lunch days going forward?