AirPod Pros. Worth It?


Andrew LoMedico, Editor

I say that the AirPod Pros are worth it. With better sound quality, more battery life, and a large increase in comfortability, they have proved themselves to all the haters. Airpod pros deliver the best quality for the largest range of people. Whether you are working out at the gym, getting some homework done, or riding the bus home from school, you are better off with a pair of pros in your ear. 

Although, the price is a bit out of range for highschoolers that don’t have a job or don’t get paid very generously, they are still a better option over the original airpods. The new airpods come with a variety of new features to give you the best listening experience possible. A feature that I am very excited about is the noise cancelling. It is the best whether you are riding on a noisy bus or just want some peace and quiet while studying. My favorite part of the new airpods however, is definitely the design. They are built for stability and comfort. One of the biggest problems with the first generation airpods was that they would always fall out of your ear, but if you were lucky enough that they didn’t, eventually you would begin to experience discomfort. 

Overall, the airpod pros aren’t the greatest wireless earbuds on the market for 249.00, but if you’re one of those people that just loves everything apple creates (which I am) it is totally worth the investment to upgrade, and listen to music the way it was supposed to be listened to.