Featured Athlete: Damian Walraven


Alex Nunez, Staffer

     As our soccer team continues to impress, going undefeated in our opening 3 games, the Rampage interviews one of the captains of our team and leader of our monstrous defense, Damian Walraven. Damian, a state champion from last years’ team, continues to impress scouts with his leadership qualities and his keen passing abilities.


Q: Damian, how long have you been playing for the soccer team?


A: I have played all four years, the first two years being on the JV, but these past two years I’ve played on the Varsity team


Q:How did it feel to win states last year?


A: It was such an amazing feeling, especially when we were the first team in the whole county to do something like that, it was just crazy.


Q: What made you make the switch as a defender, as you were primarily a centre-mid?


A: I originally played at my club as a centre mid, but once I started to play for Lake Mary, the coaches wanted me to play in the back, and i’m not going to try and defy my coaches.


Q: What are your expectations for this year now that you guys have a few games under your belt?


A: Originally, I didn’t think we were gonna do much due to all the players leaving, but seeing all the new players stepping into their roles, I feel like we can make something happen this year.