K-12 Album/Film Review


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

The 24 year old recently released a film thats 96 minutes long that has some of her songs she recently released in an upcoming album called K-12. Melanie has been working on the film and album since 2017, in the film the visuals nicely compliment the lyrics of her songs which have touched in a variety of touchy topics. There are 13 songs in total. Some of the songs that stood out were the following:

The Principal has hints that Melanie Martinez is talking about the president in the government in place now. This also hints at women heath issues thats been controversial lately aka Roe v Wade. In the film all the lawmakers are old white men and the dancers are minorities.

Show and Tell, she reminds us that everyone is still a human and they can only handle so much. “If I cut myself I would bleed. Imperfect and human are we.” Regardless of social status or wealth, if they’re a celebrity or a plane Jane.

Drama Club‘s lyrics are more on the nose than some of her other songs. This is about patriarchy and the lack of women with powerful positions, specifically law making positions. “I never signed up for your drama club.” This lyrics means that she didn’t sign up for the steryotypical societal roles imposed on the various genders in society.

Melanie songs two songs about bodies and eating disorders. Strawberry Shortcake portrays some of the dancers looked a certain way, blond hair, and light skin which were the most desired. “Feeling unsure of my naked body, stand back watch it taking shape.” We may not look like the person next to us but that doesn’t mean we should change who we are to match societies high expectations. In Orange Juice, “Now you’re sitting in the cafeteria, Shoving clementines and orange bacteria, Down your throat a dozen times or near‚ yeah, Fooling those around of your bulimia.” This is very obvious she’s talking about bulimia and how people purge themselves to try and feel better. “I wish I could give you my set of eyes ‘Cause I know your eyes ain’t working, mmm I wish I could tell you that you’re fine, so fine But you will find that disconcerting'” People may say you look fine but in the end the worst critic is yourself and how you view your image.

A song that I’ve had the students listen to is The Principal. A theory is that it’s talking about Donald Trump and how he’s the ‘principal’ of the United States and how he’s running it.”

What did you think of the song?

Zainab: “I feel like Melanie made a song about the government, its nice to listen to but its not going to be listened to and understood lyrically. They won’t understand the small references input in the music.”

Rahyd: “Its funny in a way but yeah I understand where she’s coming from and the song conveys the right message in my opinion.”

Brynn: “This is a good song but if she was a more popular artist more people would listen to this they would understand her intentions and the message she is projecting.”

Can you see the references it makes to the President and the Government?

Zainab: “At first I didn’t understand the references she made but then I listened to the lyrics carefully and I caught on.”

Rahyd: “Yes I can, I understood the jabs taken towards him and how the government is run.”

Brynn: “Yes and no, some parts were more noticeable than others.”