Best ways to get hype on Tik Tok 


Olivia Boni, Staff

There are so many ways to get hype on Tik Tok in no time. To get famous on Tik Tok some things you should do are be a good dancer, hang out with other famous people, be funny, and most of all, be genuine. Although once you get hype you start getting money, you must stay genuine, or else you will become cringy which will lead people to not like you anymore.  

Charli D’Amelio was just a regular girl until she got Tik Tok and got famous overnight. All she did was keep up with the trends and knew how to dance. Once she got famous she hung around other famous people and she gains more followers every day. 

Rahyd Nunez says ” Try to make something funny, something that people can relate to. Don’t be cringy.  just have fun with it and be genuine.” So with that said Tik Tok takes time and effort but it can be done and is not that hard to do.