Mental Health of a Senior


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

Hi, I’m Sam, and I’m a senior. My mental health is also in a downhill spiral. So far this year has been pretty crazy. 2020 has just begun, and I am still stressing over assignments and exams, especially finals. I’ve had 5 mental breakdowns this week so far, but I’m okay thanks. How do you know if you are having a break-down? A mental break down is when you are feeling anxious, depressed, helpless or insecure. This emotion could be triggered by many things they could be a big deal to you but they mean nothing to the next person. Such as too much work, breaking a nail, not passing the class or being late to an event.

A lot of seniors are stressed toward exams and final grades because they want to be able to get all of their credits so they can graduate on time. Which is understandable, because our mental health is important.  Mental breakdownsI’ve asked a couple seniors about their mental health and how they cope with stress in general and situations like this.

“Are you stressed out this year, why or why not?”

Owen : “I am very much stressed out because its the fact that you have to think about and determine your future in such a short amount of time”

Zainab: “Yes because its senior year and I have to determine which college I want to go to and go through there long process of applying.”

Stressed is an understatement. As a senior you have a lot on your plate and a lot to think about concerning your future and goals you have in life.

“How do you cope with all the pressure and stress from school and graduating on time?”

Owen: ” I just stay positive and think about the ultimate outcome of all of this would be. This is all worth it in the end.”

Zainab: “I take naps.”

I take naps as well. I usually have a self care day for myself which consists of face masks, a beauty routine and a bubble bath. Then after take a nap or watch feel good movies.

“What would you wish the school could do or change in order to take the stress off seniors?”

Owen: “I feel like it would be best if they lower the amount of hours or days in our school week so some stress would be taken off us for being in school for so long.”

Zainab: “Have more support and focus on the guidance counselors and the students mental health and focus on how its affecting them.”

I personally wish that we had midterms and finals instead of 9 week exams because its so strenuous to study every quarter for an exam. Also it would be more beneficial to the student because its cut into two parts. Also, those with As or Bs could exempt the exam for that class, decreasing the work load and stress for students and allowing them to study for other subjects and put more time in them. Many seniors find themselves having mental breakdowns and being worried about a lot of things because of whats expected from them. There are some double standards for seniors and its a struggle at times but at the end its all worth it so we can walk across the stage, diploma in hand and leave high school knowing we won and conquered it.