TikTokers Should Be Broke


Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

TikTok people deserve to be broke. Is there any social value to TikTok?  Is there anything difficult about a dude touching his hair and taking off his shirt?  Are these kids good at dancing?  I think not. They are making money off of useless content where they really don’t have to work hard at all. It takes them like 5 minutes to learn the dances and they have the same 4 moves in all the dances.

Other jobs like being a firefighter, police officer, or teacher should get paid more because they actually work hard and are putting real effort in. These jobs actually make the world a better place too. It’s stupid how people get paid for dancing randomly on an app for 15 seconds, and the dances are the same as the other people on that app. IT’S SO REPETITIVE!!!

Dancers work really hard to choreograph their dances and they have to put their own creativity into them which is hard; they don’t get to copy someone else’s basic dance moves.

Some of these TikTok “dancers” are only famous for their crop-tops. The fact that their stomachs are always showing gets them the hype. It’s not the dancing. Is this trashy?  Maybe. At least the world can do is not pay people for flaunting their lack of talent and low self-esteem.