These People Should Be in Class


Why Aren’t They in Class?

Walking around

A lot of kids walk around the halls just to walk around. Either they don’t want to be in that/or those particular classes cause they’re boring or they don’t understand it or they don’t like people in that class. All these factors can affect a student’s learning cause they may be missing key details in the subject they’re learning that day.


To See Friends

Students from grades 9-12 use this excuse all the time to get out of class. “I have to use the bathroom” when a student says these few words there’s no way a teacher can deny you from using the bathroom you can easily plan a meet up with your friends through a little text “ Hey, come out of class.” During this time, you may play around in the halls talk gossip — anything honestly


Some things students said they do in the hallways when they say “they are using the bathroom”

  1. Most students actually are using the bathroom
  2. Students said they go to the locker room
  3. Go see another teacher
  4. Walking around
  5. Meeting up with people
  6. Vending machine
  7. Tik Toks