America, it’s time to get rid of the two-party system


Alyssa Arroyo, Staff

Americans have hundreds of candy brands to choose from but only two main political parties… it makes no sense. A two-party system may not be what America needs anymore; it doesn’t truly represent the current American people. Americans nowadays have such diversity in thought, so why divide that up into only two political parties? It has only lead to a more divided nation.

Now it is easy to understand why the two-party system was originally put in place in 1828. Undoubtedly, the Democratic and Republican parties were the two dominant parties of the time, but this system is becoming outdated. With all the new political ideologies that have developed over the past 194 years, it isn’t fair to only have a two-party system. The whole system has led to modern-day politicians squeezing all of their political beliefs into the narrow realm of the Democratic or Republican party. We have Bernie Sanders who identifies as a Democratic-Socialist and Donald Trump identifying as a Conservative-Republican. All of the hyphenation we see with politicians’ political views is calling for more parties.

A lot of third-party ideas would fit well into today’s politics. Many Democratic Socialists in the younger generations may find themselves agreeing with the Green Party in terms like environmentalism, social justice, and a socialist approach to democracy. Republicans who strongly believe in a minimized government will most likely see their beliefs lining up with those of the Libertarian Party in regards to limiting government involvement/influence in personal matters and no foreign aid or intervention unless necessary. Conservative Republicans will love the Constitution Party and how they strongly follow the original ideas of the constitution. When so many Americans fall perfectly into these other parties, why not adjust the two-party system?

With the extreme political division currently weighing on our country, it’s a great time to introduce more major political parties. In America’s current state you have to be this or that, setting us up for constant conflict. If more major political parties were introduced, we would see more political unity than ever in modern-day history. Certain parties will agree on specific topics allowing them to team up against parties with views much different than theirs. Even the idea of political parties teaming up in today’s America seems crazy because we have never seen such a thing due to the two-party system.

A true multi-party system is looking really good right now, America.