Malls are Dying!


Pretty soon, you won’t be able to buy anything in a store ever again. Malls are at the point of no return. Less and less people are going to malls in recent years and are turning to online shopping instead. This has lead to malls losing a lot of money and if this trend continues, which it’s bound too, malls will be closed completely in the next few years.

Freshman Luke Prieto says, “I think malls with shut down because of the innovations of companies that are now online. Besides, it is way more efficient for companies to have there customers shop online. Malls are no longer making that much money and will have no choice but to shut down soon. I personally never goes to malls anymore and only shop online.”

Luke isn’t the only one that feels this way as sophomore Jaya Scorza says, “I don’t go to malls anymore because it is boring and ordering online is just so much easier and convenient. This is because as an athlete and during the holidays I don’t have time to go to malls to shop, but I can pull out my phone and online shop anywhere and at anytime. I think malls will shut down sometime in the future, but I don’t think they should because it was such a big part of my childhood.”

Similar to the other responses, freshman Kaci Kidd said, “I never go shopping at malls. I only go to hangout with my friends. I shop online because it is much easier. I think that malls will shut down eventually, but I don’t think they should.”

Unlike the answers of the majority of the people who we interviewed, Freshman Sadie Altman said something much different. She said, “I go to malls all of the time and I go with friends or by myself. It gives you something to do and I find it fun. I like shopping at malls better than online shopping because at malls you can try stuff on to make sure you get the right size and make sure the material is what you want. Regardless of how much I like malls, I still think that some will close because they are understaffed and some stores are already closing. I hope that this doesn’t happen though.”

As said by the majority of the students that we interviewed, malls are going to close in the future. There are some people who don’t want them to close, but malls are too far gone and aren’t making enough money to come back at this point. There are still many unanswered questions about malls coming to an end and what there closing will do to society, but we won’t know the answers to these questions until it’s too late.