No more award shows 2021!!


In recent years the hype that once surrounded huge award shows like the Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars has faded. The once heavily praised concept has fallen over time. These award shows aren’t seen as necessary anymore, as nobody really cares to sit around and waste time watching these ceremonies now. If someone wanted to know about an award show ceremony, they probably wouldn’t even watch it anyway. Instead they would most likely wait to see the important parts on social media the next day.

It seems as though we will hear about one certain celebrity winning or having some sort of mishap at an award show rather than the award show as a whole. Maybe you remember Ricky Gervais bashing much of Hollywood at this year’s Golden Globes, Parasite winning a ton of Oscars at this years ceremony, or Zendaya winning best actress in a drama series at the recent Emmys, but what about the rest of these ceremonies? In reality, most people won’t actually go out of their way to turn the TV on and watch these award shows, instead, they will just wait to see if anything about the ceremony is trending online the next day. This mentality beats the whole purpose of these award shows.

This year’s Primetime Emmys actually made history for being the least-watched Emmy Award show ever, with 13% less of an audience than last year’s show. The show has seen a constant decline in viewers, as the 2019 Emmy Awards had a 30% decrease in viewers compared to the previous year. This isn’t the only recent award show to see a decrease in viewers. This year’s Academy Awards also made history for the same reason as the Emmy’s; it had the lowest amount of viewers in its history. This raises the question, do people even care for award shows anymore?

Two Seminole County students were asked this exact question.

Kristina Taylor says, “No. They don’t provide any sort of benefit to celebrities, it just makes them look good and these award shows just profit money off of that.”

Amaia Saysavanh says “No I don’t care for award shows, I would rather be doing something important instead of sitting around and watching award shows. I also believe these award shows, well, the entertainment industry in general, is giving these celebrities too much credit; people like doctors deserve awards like this.”

It seems as though people are just slowly losing interest in these shows. Either it is a problem with the way the show is executed, the celebrities being honored, or just finding the show pointless overall. As one student mentioned these award shows make a lot of money, unfortunately because of that we most likely won’t be seeing them go right now. In the future, if we keep seeing the number of people viewing these shows decreasing, we might finally be able to say goodbye to these boring shows.