Do You Really Want to Be an Athlete or You Just Want to Be Known?

Do You Really Want to Be an Athlete or You Just Want to Be Known?

All the positive things that been a baseball player at your high school comes with. Popularity, scholarships, girls or boys dying to date you.

But being a baseball player it’s not just being “cool” or “good at baseball”. Like in every other sport, it takes a lot of effort, passion and hard work. Because, achieving our goals are not as easy as it seems. You actually have to practice a lot to be a good player. Also not to mention that besides the pressure of being good at the sport you play, you have to keep the grades up to keep being part of the team.

I recently talked to a baseball player in our high school. I was doing research because, personally,  I’ve played several sports in my years being in more than a few school, I’ve never been in a high school baseball team. So I needed to talk to some one with experience in the field.

Even though there is a lot of perks of being popular, in spite of the fact that I believe that popularity is overrated, he also talks about how difficult it is to keep up the good work at school and in the field too.

Let’s talk about the good and attractive side of being an athlete, the most important one are scholarships. If you are great and outshining in your sport, it is possible that you get several offers for scholarships to colleges. Which opens several opportunities for you to keep studying and also another option if you need financial aid.       Being a good player also makes you bonds with adults greater and a better attachment sense to your family.       Athletes have also affirmed that they have a higher self esteem. As well they are less likely to be engage or participant of risky behavior. Athletes proved being more responsible and initiative.

Now that we’ve stated the shining part of being a high school athlete, here come the downside of it.

It takes a lot of hard work and months (not weeks) MONTHS of training. Besides there is a lot of pressure of the coach, parents, team, family and friend to be excellent and decorous at your sport.  You also won’t have free time during your season. You rarely get home before six in the evening. Rarely gets a day off from practice. Additionally their are days, most of them, that you have to carry around two to three backpacks with the essentials of your sport because of practice or familiar reasons. You also can’t use anything related to your sport as an excuse for missing work in your classes. And even if you are literally dead of a tiring day of practice you are responsible of the assignments or the next day.

Now listed both pros and cons of being an athlete in high school. It is up to you to decide if you want to get involve next season.