The Many Faces of Barbie


Diversity is a good thing, but the world of Barbie may be overdoing it. You can find a Barbie now for every ethnicity, every career and every body type. Young girls should see themselves perhaps in their favorite doll. Yet, how do you pick the right one?  Are you racist if you just pick the one that matches your ethnicity?  Are you a kiddie supremist now?  Would it be better to pick the doll that doesn’t match you.  How about ‘ally’ Barbie purchases?  Do you buy the overweight Barbie to show support for body positivity?  These are all questions that all little girls, and some little boys, must now face.

When people think of barbies they think of a small blonde doll. Kids growing up playing with barbies may have the idea that this is the ideal look and they want to look like barbie. The new diversity in barbies allows little girls and boys to feel good in their body and skin because their are dolls that are like them.

Hannah Meador said, “It is great that barbies aren’t blonde stick figures. I think that anyone can buy any barbie without feeling judgement for not wanting a certain type of figure.” Hannah proves a great point that buying a certain barbie doesn’t make you a bad person because of your preference. People should be able to buy what they want without feeling the pressure of buying the wrong barbie doll.

Anna Voigt said,” I think that barbie has changes over time because of the society we live in. At this time in the world everything is offensive to some people. I feel that barbie should still only be the iconic blonde doll because thats what everyone thinks of when they think of barbie and not every brand has to be all inclusive.” Unlike Hannah, Anna feels that barbies shouldn’t have changed their dolls. In some ways many people would agree but other people dislike the dolls barbie now because the are changing the face of the brand.

Overall barbie has been an iconic brand for forever and always will be, being more inclusive isn’t going to change that. Having the support of brands does alot for kids of all ages. Barbie also changes so they dont get “cancelled” for things like racism and body shaming.