Congested Population Affecting Students?


Kaavya S., Staffer

Lake Mary High School has been increasingly popular over the last few years. But, as the population grows, the amount of people in each class get larger, and the efficiency of learning decreases. Due to this rapid increase, students have been struggling to make it on time to class and are unable to receive the needed one-on-one attention from their teachers. However, some students have viewed this increase positively.

Junior Taylor Dorenkott dislikes LMHS’s large population. She shared “Not only is it difficult for me to transition in between classes, but I also feel that my classrooms are packed with people. I don’t have a connection with most of my teachers because they are too busy trying to juggle all the people in the room.” Students are arguing that with better accommodations, they will be able to learn more and, frankly, enjoy school more. Unable to form a relationship with their teachers, student grades have begun slipping. Is this this the cause of Lake Mary’s drop from an “A” school to a “B” school?

There are some upsides though. Junior Olivia McCaw says “The school is more crowded than usual, but I like it. I’ve met a lot of new people and made a lot of friends. I’ve found more people that I have the same interests as. I think it’s helpful because more kids are going to the school they want to go to. Everyone should have the opportunity to go the school they want to go to.” Being able to create more friendships, the increase in the student population has led to more social encounters. Confidence, which is one the key factors of success in the real world, grows as socialization occurs. Many students have been transferring from the school they are zoned for into LMHS. These students have the right to an enjoyable experience at school and should be able to attend the school they want.

Most people at LMHS have mixed emotions about the large amount of students. How do you feel about it?