WARNING: Read This or Die


Ryan McGuire, Staff

The flu is everywhere: in the halls, outside, at home, in public places.  Students are dropping like flies and class sizes are becoming smaller and smaller.  But maybe, this time next season, the virus won’t be quite as prominent.  Due to the large amount of both kids and adults dying because of the flu, there is now a new experimental drug being used that has the potential to kill the virus in ONE DAY…. can you imagine missing one or two days of school instead of a week?

The new compound is a pill and only requires a single dose to rid patients of flu symptoms, while the drug Tamiflu (the most popular drug used to treat those afflicted with the flu virus) has to be taken twice a day, for 5 days.  The Shionogi & Co. compound works three times faster than Tamiflu, the most popular flu medicine doctors and nurses use to treat patients sick with the virus.  According to the World Health organization, it could change the way doctors treat the flu.  Unfortunately, however, this drug won’t be available until next year, as it has to be approved by the FDA before it can be administered to the public for use against symptoms.

Junior Kennedy Murray said “I had to go through the flu last week; I suffered for a whole week before I felt better, and I had to miss a whole week.  The amount of make up work I have is insane, and I’m way behind in everything!  I am going to have trouble catching up, but I wish that I could’ve taken a pill to make it go away in one day.  It would have made everything much easier!”  A pill would help many suffering from the flu currently, and will help many in the future. Both drugs take roughly the same amount of time to rid the person of the virus altogether, however the new pill will give patients near instant relief.

Shingao’s CEO said the compound works by blocking the flu from taking over other cells in the body, therefore keeping the virus from spreading.  It is a faster, more effective treatment option, and will only benefit those who partake in it.  This year’s flu virus is said to be the deadliest in history, killing more than 4,000 Americans this year alone.  The new pill would not only alleviate the symptoms of the uncomfortable, but largely reduce the number of deaths caused by the deadly illness.

Junior Isabela Schmitt said “I think a pill would be great; symptoms are not only being felt by the outside world, as many students are getting so sick they use up all their excused absences in 2 weeks.  The flu itself just puts everyone in general in a bad mood, as everyone is either sick or afraid of getting sick.  A pill might not only help physical pain, but reduce the mental toll of worrying not only about yourself but your loved ones as well.”  The flu, innately, has a strong negative connotation and can put a damper on every conversation, especially in light of recent events.  During what is pretty commonly known as “Flu Season” people exhibit some of the highest levels of stress, which ironically makes them MORE susceptible to the illness.  With the new pill proposed in Japan, the next “Flu Season” shouldn’t be nearly as disastrous mentally or physically.

People who get the flu vaccine are 60% less likely to get the flu, but this doesn’t deem anyone or anything completely safe.  There was a report this year stating that “just breathing can spread the flu”. This time next year maybe you should ask yourself if the new pill is worth a shot.