Into The Tall Grass Review


Samantha Cruz-Ricci, Editor In Chief

Into The Tall grass is an adaptation from Stephen King’s novel which recently aired on Netflix as of October 6. This takes place in Kansas. Cal and Becky, a brother and sister are driving to San Diego from Topeka to give up Becky’s baby for adoption. They stop by a church to take a break but start hearing a little boys voice asking for help, then a women and man. It sounds like they’re looking for each other but are they in the field really? In the field is the unknown, time and places are manipulated & distorted. Death isn’t permanent, you come back to life eventually. To see if you can escape the never ending field or succumb to insanity and touching the mysterious rock that gives you “special powers.” Death isn’t permanent but as Tobin says, “the tall grass doesn’t move dead things.” This is a thriller and a decent movie to watch when you want to kill time. It is quite disturbing but its interesting to see how making the smallest decision can lead to a drastic outcome.

How you could make all the choices but the right ones and how it would affect you, same goes for students at Lake Mary High school. Deciding something as little as going to sleep early or watching a movie late will affect the next day you have. Or doing homework one time or procrastinating last minute will affect your grade and work quality.

I had six students watch the trailer and answer some questions.

“Would you watch the full movie?”

Yes: 4     No:2

“Is this interesting to you?”

Yes:4     No:2

“Why do you like it or not?”

Cintya Ortega: “Its suspenseful and keeps you on edge.”

Anjelica Hernandez: “I agree with my class mate, you don’t know what’s going to happen next so you keep watching to find out.”

Owen Clements: “It’s just not my kind of movie, I don’t like watching horror movies.”

“Is this relatable? Like how your choices can affect your outcome?”

Yes:6     No:0

Rahyd Nunez: “I do relate to this movie because my actions that I decide to take can affect my future. Like if I decide to do my homework or take a nap. I might not have enough time and won’t get full credit when I turn my assign in or it might be late.”