TikTok – The New Addiction


Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

Almost everyone has this addicting app on their phone or watches them on instagram. It’s amazing how 15 second videos can get people to spend hours on that app. The catchy toons and cool dance moves attract so many teens and young adults to make their own TikToks. Even that you wouldn’t expect learn the dance moves and start catching up on the TikTok trends.

Freshman Brynn Witham, “I’m pretty addicted to TikTok I spend 10 hours a week on TikTok and I like it because there are so many funny videos I can watch and scroll through. To the point where I have to put an hour limit on TikTok.” High schoolers waste so many hours on TikTok, and so many have to use a time limit so that they can put their phones down and work on schoolwork. Freshman Rahyd Nunez, “I like TikTok because it’s relatable. I usually spend 15 hours a week on TikTok. The only thing I would change about TikTok is put an age restriction on it since there are so many 11 year olds and younger.”

There are various trends on TikTok like couples dances, siblings quiz each other, dances on certain songs, comical videos, painting various things, etc. Teenage girls and boys go on the app a lot because they enjoy watching other “cute teenagers”.

The app is a great place for teenagers to express themselves through dancing, singing, painting, drawing, and just being their funny selves. TikTok also awards the teenagers who are talented and they can make a career out of their TikTok account and give them the fame that they deserve sitting at home.