Is Among Us Losing It’s Hype?


Among Us. The multiplayer online and mobile game that took the pandemic-tarnished world by storm in fall of 2020. Players around the globe fell in love with this space themed murder mystery, quickly having the time of their lives killing off their close friends and avoiding the pursuit of the infamous “imposter”. However, has this mobile phenomenon grown past it’s golden age? With less and less people playing every day, the answer seems obvious. Among Us is losing it’s hype.

Initially, the game was presented to the general public like a divine gift from above. We were all victims of the most common Covid-19 symptoms. Misery and boredom. In this dreary state of mind, we sought out something. Anything! Anything to get us away from the repetitive Hell that was quarantine and social-distancing. That’s when it happened. A game spread like wildfire through the masses. A mysterious app with a story to tell.

Suddenly, we were not the average people stuck at home for an unknowable amount of time, we were space men stranded on our ship with a murderer that could be any one of us. We competed to complete necessary tasks to keep our mission on the right track while finding the bodies of our fellow crewmates. We were electricians, nuclear physicists, communications specialists. We defended the innocent and voted out the imposters, sending them to the dark and endless expanse of space. We were everything we wanted to be, and most of all, we were addicted. Downright addicted.

That emotion is gone.

That feeling of utter elation we would get from playing this game, it’s gone.

It’s boring. Miserable. Repetitive.

We’re right back where we started.

Wandering the halls of a high school, you no longer hear the teenage chatter surrounding the topic of murderous space men. We’ve moved onto new video games, new movies, and new stories. As swiftly as it appeared, the hype around Among Us has dissipated into the virus-infected air, just another future nostalgic memory that we’ll look on with foggy lenses. The question is fresh on our lips, “why were we ever so obsessed with that game?”

It does not matter. The age of Among Us has come to a close.

It has officially lost it’s hype.