Mrs. Jordan’s Top Secret Life Outside School

Mrs. Jordans Top Secret Life Outside School

 Mrs. Jordan is a very cool teacher, but few of us know very much about her. Here are a few things you might want to know about Mrs. Jordan if she ever becomes the topic during trivia night.

We start our Jordan facts with her early history. Mrs. Jordan was born and raised in Massachusetts. It’s cold there. She moved to Florida after she finished college at 23 because she had a job lined up at Sea World a week later. She lives with her toddler daughter named Harper and her 2 dogs — Chloe and Bear. She also lives with her husband who works here at Lake Mary, and they have been married for 5 years as of April 23.

Jordan decided to get into teaching because she enjoys seeing the spark in someone because of something she taught them. She also loves developing people into better versions of themselves. The reason she chose to teach science is because she loves sharing her passion for Marine Life and ocean environments with people. She said the best thing about teaching is the connections she has made with her co-workers and students.  The worst thing about teaching is having to deal with disciplinary issues. She hates when she has to call home and tell what a student did. When her students talk to her as a human and ask how her day was and talk to her about their life and their day it makes her happy. Whereas when they make poor choices like skipping class, fighting, and speaking over her, she doesn’t like it. If she was stranded in the Rainforest, the 3 things she would bring would be: her phone so she can call for help, a water purifier so she can stay hydrated, and bug spray because mosquitoes love her. Well I hope the answered some questions you might’ve had for Mrs. Jordan!