Does Your Name Help Determine Your Future?

Does Your Name Help Determine Your Future?

Zainab Mulla, Editor in Chief

     There is growing research that your name will have an effect on who and what you become in life.  If this is true, what does your name say about you? 

     It is true that companies psychologically choose a boss that is either a male with a one syllable name, or a female with a name that has multiple syllables. Names play a very interesting role in a person’s future. If you look at a girl who has a common name like Sara or Lauren, then you’ll notice she has a common girl personality. However, if you meet a person with a unique name, then they will most likely have a unique personality and unique characteristics.  

     Some random rams were asked, would they have a different personality if they had a different name?  

Senior Marcel Baez, “I mean I feel like I would be a different person if I had a different name.” 

Junior Gina Ippolito, “I think my life would be different because I wouldn’t have gone through certain situations, but I don’t think My entire personality would change.” 

Junior Keena Huynh, “My personality would not be different because I’m still growing up in the same environment and it’s just a name.” 

Junior Sara Gross, “My life would definitely be a little different, it would maybe change who I am a little, but not my entire personality.” 

Junior Clarese Santiago, “It would change my personality because my name came from a family member.” 

Junior Maya Angulo, “Yes because your name and your personality are connected. For example, if you had a nicer tone name, you’d be a nicer person.” 

     Names do have a way of defining who you are. People grow up with amazing or terrible experiences because of their name. Bullies will always have something on you, and sometimes they might bully because of the kid’s name.  

     Names have an effect on looks sometimes too. If you imagine an Eric, then you’ll think of a white boy with blue/green eyes. If you image a John, you’ll think of a normal, plain looking guy.