Getting Harder to Get into UF


There are a lot of colleges in the United  States approximately 3,982 degree- granting postsecondary institutions. But every student knows about the school U.F. and how big it is. Over the last couple years the school has gotten harder and more difficult to get accepted into. Students that would have been accepted 10-15 years ago no longer get in. Students and parents are both wondering why is it so hard to get into Florida recently. What is causing this universaity to be so difficult and frustrating to be accepted into? Students that have been accepted and that have been declined both have there reasons  on why the school is getting harder.

Maddie, a freshman at FSU says “I had wanted to get into UF for years since I was a freshman in high school. But as the years went on it became more of a struggle to get in and I had no clue why. I believe is because more and more students want to get in and UF is trying to change how kids get in and what you need to do. They have to limit the amount of students and I think they are picking the ones that are mainly into health. But I am happy with where I am at in FSU.”

Layton, a freshman at FSU says “Florida was my dream school for the longest time. I would do everything to get into that school. From my freshman-Senior year in high school I started loosing more and more hope because they weren’t allowing as many students to get in. So I decided to go to Florida state to see a new environment and people. Florida has gotten more difficult to get into I think because they want to have fewer students to look like there school is harder and better than most.”

Cooper a freshman at UF says “Both my parents went to UF and they both loved it so ever sense I was a kid I always wanted to get accepted there and have a great college experience there. I am a big football and basketball fan so the games will be very fun to go to for my first year here. I think UF has been harder to get into over the years because of there reputation and the school does not want people to think that everyone can get in and it is still a very hard and not an easy school to get into.”

Madison freshman at UF says ” I never really wanted to go to this school until mid junior year and I saw how well of a health academy they have and It was a very difficult school to get into because of how strict they are about the health academy at the school. This is why I think UF is so hard to get into.”