5 good guitar songs to learn


The guitar is such a calming and soothing instrument. But it just takes time to learn and play it with ease, so why not if you’re not too busy. Then just learn these five-song for guitar, they are either fingerstyle or with a guitar pick.
This is Marty Schwartz and he will teach u how to play smoke on the water. But this song is for more beginner guitarists to learn.

Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana
This is a good song for when you have learned a bit more than the average song. It combines both just with a guitar pick and muting which is a method u can use to better your guitar playing.

Do I Wanna Know By The Arctic Monkeys 
This is an upper-level but still, easy song and u can play it for the Ford F150 memes. Or you can just have it at your disposal at just the right moments. But it may be on electric guitar but u can play it on an acoustic guitar.

Wonder Wall By Oasis

This song is a more over played song but it a fun one non the less. But this is more leaning to beginner then intermediate style of guitar.

Star Wars The Imperial March
This song is one of my favorite songs because it’s from Star Wars. It’s fun to play when you are just joking around. It is easy, but you will take some time to learn it.