Tik Tok interview with academic legend Molly Clemens


Shelby Morgan and Simone Dollar, staff

Shelby and Simone make an amazing Tik Tok with debate legend and AP scholar Molly Clemens (junior). We also asked her a few questions about what its like to be an actual genius.

How many AP classes do you currently take, and which ones? How much time do spend doing work outside of class?

“I take six AP classes. These include AP physics, AP psychology, AP United States History, AP Calculus, AP seminar, and AP English language and composition. It usually takes about two hours a day on average; it isn’t too overwhelming for me.”

I also know you are a speech and debate legend… how long have you been doing it and what is your favorite thing about it?

“I joined speech and debate class in seventh grade and I joined the team in eighth grade. Honestly it’s all the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet from across the country. It just feels so good to feel as if you are not only part of a team, but a part of something bigger.”

Do you have any hidden talents?

“I am amazing at doing cartwheels. Low-key a pro.”