The New Cafeteria Design


The cafeteria is getting a makeover.  Finally… Recently you may have noticed that the floors of the cafeteria have been ripped out — this is not only because of mold in the floors. New tables have also been added and the list goes on. The school also wants to add several new choices of lunch options and more for seating. Some people are excited about the new options of food they will be able to choose from, while others were okay with just the original options. Lake Brantley High School has already had their renovation, and we are getting the same restaurants that they have.

The first new mini restaurant we will have is 3.14 pizzeria. This will have Italian styled food with pasta and pizza. This is a great option for students that enjoy the pasta we have on some school days, but now we will have multiple options of pasta, pizza and more.

The next new mini restaurant we will have is Mexology, the build-your-own Mexican burrito bowl. This will have multiple options of tacos, burritos, and bowls. This is a great option for students who enjoy rice and beans. Here, you get to create your own lunch and add whatever you want to your burrito bowl.

Then, we have Yin Yang, the Asian cuisine. This will have orange chicken, noodles, rice and more. This is a traditional mini restaurant with many great food options. This will be new to our school since we don’t really ever serve any type of Asian food.

Our next mini restaurant is The Roost. This will have a variety of different types of chicken, including chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and more. This is a great option for students who love the days when we serve chicken nuggets, or students who like the chicken sandwich option we already have.

Lastly, we have Filtered, the café styled coffee shop. This mini restaurant will be open not only at lunch, but all day. Students will be able to pick up a coffee in the morning, on their way to class, or even after class. A lot of students already get coffee before school, so why not just bring the cafe to school.

We will also have tons of new seating options instead of the same tables everyday. We will have regular seating, high stools, and more. I asked some students around school their thoughts about the new cafeteria and what mini restaurant they were most excited for. Sophomore Sydney Petriccione says “I’m most excited for the cafe because I want to try all the coffee options they have.” Sophomore Julia Berzovich says, “I’m most excited for the build-your-own Mexican burrito bowl because I love Mexican can food and I’m so happy that it’s going to be an option for school lunch.” Sophomore Trevin Lamb says “I’m most excited for The Roost because I like the chicken sandwiches and I want to try the different options for chicken.”